Standard Books now available in Latvia!

Starting today, Excellent’s business software, Standard Books, is also available for companies active in Latvia.

With more than 30,000 users, Standard Books business software is widely popular in Estonia. Excellent’s team has further improved the software, perfecting it by improving convenience, ease of use and functionality. Starting today, the same business software can be used by all companies active in Latvia.

Excellent’s marketing and communications manager, Maret Luts, explains that Estonian entrepreneurs have waited for this a long time. “Many Estonian companies are also active in Latvia and have long wished that their Latvian subsidiaries could manage their activities there with Standard Books. Our business software has several modules to choose from, so all companies can find the ones suited to their business model. We have a well-designed e-invoice solution, and the software can also be integrated, thus creating endless possibilities.”

In Estonia, Standard Books is widely recognised and appreciated by customers. Excellent has created a superb customer support system, to make sure clients are not left alone with their questions and concerns. “The positive feedback from customers truly pleases us. The net promoter index for Excellent has had a dramatic rise in the last three years. This makes us certain we can also provide the same product to Latvian companies,” adds Luts.

Almost 200 companies in Latvia use the larger member of the same family of business software, Standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Now, Excellent is also developing this software in Latvia. Naturally, the Standard ERP and the Standard Books in Latvia use the Latvian language and work with all Estonian-developed possibilities and modules. In Latvia, we have four partner companies that will help us implement the programme and provide for the welfare of customers there. We have also opened a Latvian-language web page at

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