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New possibilities

  • The new version of VAT change report KMD INF has a possibility of export to the Tax Board.
  • Our customers using cloud hosting will be able to use automaticupdates to server and client programmes.
  • Graphical business analytics reports on contact and article card.


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  • Tõnu Schilf
    Tõnu Schilf
    The VAT Act annex INF is included in version 7.2

    KMD and annex INF are already built into the recent software version 7.2, and it is possible to send the annex with the VAT declaration directly to the web environment of the Tax and Customs Board. If until today it was necessary to send the VAT declaration information manually to the web environment of the Tax and Customs Board, from November the new report created an opportunity to submit it electronically.

    With annex INF to the KMD, an excellent function is added to the programme, which significantly simplifies the work of the user. RIK has promised to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs to make queries directly from their database. For a user of the programme it means that upon entry of a new supplier/customer it is possible to submit a company query automatically, without looking for it in Internet or elsewhere. The user no longer needs to spend time on searching for and entering information.

    See the video introducing the KMD INF report and information query of the Commercial Register from User Support -> Videos

  • Risto Metsla
    Risto Metsla
    Use the possibilities of the new version!

    Use all the possibilities of the software, use them effectively! Be among the first ones who implement the new possibilities and thus simplify the work processes in the company and daily work of the colleagues. The latest versions of HansaWorld business management software always include new functions, as well as additions to the existing possibilities.

    Benefits of upgrading:
    1. Many new possibilities and functions.
    New possibilities make the programme more user-friendly, working is easier and more convenient, the user saves time.
    2. Legislative changes.
    If new requirements are introduced by the law, those are always added to the new versions. It is not always technically possible to make additions in old versions.
    3. Operating systems are regularly updated, both Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
    Older versions of the programme may be incompatible with the new operating systems and may not function.
    4. Hardware is renewed.
    Computers/hardware are renewed so quickly that it is often necessary to exchange the server or workplace computers. New operating systems require new computers. If a company is planning to renew the computers, the older versions do not enable the use of all the possibilities of the new computer, and older versions may not function in new computers.
    5. The advice of the support line and the FAQ answer database are based on the latest official version available in the web page.
    Unfortunately, the consultants cannot be up-to-date with the methods of use of all the older versions. The instructions of use and advice regarding the latest version may not be applicable to an older version.

    See a list of some special additions to the latest version. 
    If you wish to use the help of our consultant for upgrading, please contact us.

  • Risto Metsla
    Risto Metsla
    Check your system regularly!

    Accounting is the “heart” of your company. If the “heart” is beating, the rest of the company also functions well.
    By using HansaWorld business management software you have built a strong foundation for efficient and secure accounting. We wish to help you use all the opportunities offered by the software versions of HansaWorld to the greatest extent possible.

    Our consultants visit companies, review the existing software system and give advice how the users can do their daily work with greater convenience and efficiency.

    Contact us to book an appointment with a consultant.