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How to renew internet enabler after upgrade/update?Uuendatud 29. detsember 2016

Open module System (Üldine) -> Settngs (Seadistused) -> Internetenabler (Internetivõtmed). Check that fields “Registered in country” (Registreeritud riigis), “Customer code” (Kliendikood) and “Contract no” (Lepingu number) are filled correctly. You can ask your customer code and Contract no from us by e-mail  info@excellent.ee

Click the button “Update internetenabler” (Võta andmebaasivõti). After that the program will update enabler automatically and shows message “Updating internet  enabler successful” (Võtme genereerimine õnnestus), click OK.
NB! It might take some time when message appears.

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